TMS4 Cloud Hosting Subscription

TMS4 Theocratic Scheduler:
Manage Students, Field Service and Schedules on a fully secured commercial Cloud Service (Microsoft Azure) with upto 20 simultaneous connections.

LifeStreamAssist Application

LifeStreamAssist helps make sense of IMAGO Conclusion Data by:- Sorting (based on the analytical model developed by Axfite Staff from many years of clinical experience), Filtering, Prioritizing, Grouping, Colour Coding, Printing, Archiving, Emailing, including LookUp Knowledge Bases (editable) - as well as Adding IMAGO Medical ETALON Descriptions.

MWM (Mid Week Meeting) Scheduler

Scheduling Software for Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting.


Map Iridology Mask over images of eyes for Iridodiagnosis.


Realtime Statistics For 3CX Powered Call Centers.

MMWT (MilliMeterWaveTherapy)

MilliMeter Wave Therapy